The services provided by BAGSTOP storages from Genio Srls. are governed by these “Terms of service”.The” terms of service ” established by Genio Srls.. are considered and are considered as an integral part of each individual contract for storage and for any other service concluded with the customer, and cannot be separated from the contract itself.Reservations can only be made on our website or on the spot by coming to the address.You can rent lockers on our website using credit cards or Paypal.
There is no cash payment.Booking fees are non-refundable, cannot be changed or transferred to third parties or any other point of BAGSTOP by Genio Srls.You can make an order for several consecutive days at your own discretion.It is strictly forbidden to store :
explosive, toxic substances
smelly, infectious substances
radioactive, caustic substances
alcohol, gasoline, kerosene
acetone and other flammable mixtures
things that can pollute the storage room
monetary amounts, securities
products made of precious metals and stones
other valuables
personal documents ( your own or others’)
hotel and accommodation booking receipts
travel tickets for any type of transport
items and items prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Italy for storage or distribution

No complaints will be accepted, and no refund will be made if the baggage does not comply with these rules, or if there is no rental receipt.

For this purpose, the order is under the responsibility of the customer, in particular :
Checking the size of baggage to be deposited;
Correct closing of the locker door at the end of the storage operation;
Make sure that there is nothing inside the locker when you open it.
To avoid loading the cell door ,it should be closed freely without strong pressure on it.
The customer is fully responsible for their baggage and what it contains.
Customers have the right to access the cells according to their needs in the rented time as many times as it takes to pick up or add items. without additional cost.BAGSTOP will arrange for forgotten items to be sent if they are quickly in demand. The customer will be charged a fee of € 45.00, in addition to the cost of delivery depending on the weight, destination, carrier, etc.Genio Srls ‘ s BAGSTOP storage facilities are strictly non-Smoking.Storage BAGSTOP Genio Srls . stores are monitored 24 hours, with constant communication with the monitoring service from Axitea.Access to Genio Srls ‘ s BAGSTOP storage facilities is permitted for adults over 18 years of age and children accompanied by adults.

Storage and withdrawal operations can be performed during business hours: see the schedule for each storage facility every day. Storage facilities are open daily, without weekends and holidays, 365 days a year

It is not allowed to remove personal items from storage after the point is closed and before it is opened in the morning.

If your personal items are removed in excess of the reserved time, you will be charged the difference in the amount of:Removing personal items outside the reserved time of up to 8 hours will not result in any penalty, you will only pay for additional actual storage time.
After you have spent 8 hours of storage on credit, the locker will be released and the items in it will be stored in a suitable location and you will be charged an additional fine of 10 euros per day for storage.
After 5 days, items forcibly removed from storage will be destroyed for security reasons.
The client is responsible for verifying the correctness of the data provided, in particular:Email address
Mobile Phone Number (Country Prefix + Number)No complaint will be accepted and no refund will be provided if the customer does not receive messages from the BAGSTOP system due to an error in the data provided by them.
The size of the “middle” (medium) cabinets : width 50 cm, height 60 cm, depth 50 cm. + phone charging
Dimensions of”large” cabinets : width 50 cm, height 60 cm, depth 85 cm.If the Cabinet has not been rented for any reason, the customer is obliged to notify Genio Srls in a timely manner by email request a refund and attach a copy of the electronic booking receipt. The right to terminate the contract is exercised by the customer in accordance with the provisions contained in this paragraph, Genio Srls. reimburses only the amounts paid by the customer.In particular, Genio Srlswill refund the cost of the service within 30 (thirty) days from the date when you indicate the termination of the contract due to the service not provided . This
the transaction will be carried out through the credit institution issuing the credit card used for payment, that is, by crediting the amount to the Bank account specified by the client. Genio Srls has the right to reject claims for which the procedure and deadlines specified for notification of the exercise of the right to refund are not met. Genio Srls  recognizes that in the event of theft or intentional damage, we will pay compensation up to 200 euros for each piece of Luggage lost or intentionally damaged, but not more than 4 bags for a large box and 2 for a small one.

Genio Srlsreserves the right to take any actions it deems necessary in the event of improper use and / or damage to the company’s property when used by its clients.

Genio Srls provides 24/7 video surveillance of BAGSTOP storage facilities .

Genio Srls implements the privacy policy of personal data and declares that it does not transfer the information left by clients to third parties and uses it exclusively in the interests of the client and for the period specified in the privacy policy

For the above-mentioned provisions and the fact that the condition required for booking confirmation and acceptance of customers, the company can not take any action against Genio Srls

The parties agree that jurisdiction in the event of legal proceedings falls under the local laws of Italy.

The translation of this page into languages other than Italian is made solely for the convenience of the customer. In case of a disputed interpretation, only the Italian text is valid.

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