Terms and Conditions

The services provided by BAGSTOP by S.S.S. s.r.l.. are governed by these «Terms & Conditions of Service». The «Terms and conditions of service» set by BAGSTOP by S.S.S. s.r.l.. shall be deemed and considered as an integral part of each individual contract for storage and for any other service finalized with the Customer and could not be severable from the contract itself.The reservation can only be done on our website www.bagstop.it.
You can rent lockers in our shop using Credit Cards or Paypal.The booking fees are non-refundable, neither modifiable nor transferable to third parties or to any other BAGSTOP by S.S.S. s.r.l.. storage. Our shop are open from 5.00 – 00.00 You can make reservations for several consecutive days. It is not permitted to store animals, perishable, bad odors, corrosive, explosive and incendiary, metals and precious stones. No complaints will be accepted and no refund will be paid in case of unsuitable luggage and / or deposits and in the absence of the rental receipt. For this purpose it is under the responsibility of the customer:

  • Checking the size of the luggage to be deposited;
  • The correct closure of the cassette door at the end of the storage operations;
  • Check that at the time of the withdrawal there is nothing inside the cassette.

The customer is therefore responsible for his baggage and what is contained in it.

Customers have the right to access the cells according to their needs in the rented time, to collect or add items.

BAGSTOP will arrange for the Shipment of forgotten items if promptly claimed. The customer will be charged of € 45.00, in addition to shipping charges depending on the weight, destination, carrier, etc.

BAGSTOP by S.S.S. s.r.l.. shops are strictly «NOT SMOKING».

BAGSTOP by S.S.S. s.r.l.. shops are monitored 24-24 h, with continuous connection with active surveillance organs.

Access to BAGSTOP by S.S.S. s.r.l.. spaces is permitted for adults over 18 and for children when accompanied by an adult.

Storage and collect operations can be made at opening hours: from 05:30 to 23:30, every day, including Sundays and holidays.

It is not allowed to collect personal belongings beyond 23.30 and before 5.30

The withdrawal of your personal belongings beyond the time booked will result in the payment of a penalty of:

  • The withdrawal of personal effects beyond the booked time will not result in any penalty but you only pay more time with price now
  • After spending 8 hours on credit, the locker will be released, and the items in it will be stored in a suitable location and will be charged a further penalty of 10 euros a day for storage.
  • After 5 days the objects will be destroyed for security reasons

It will be the responsibility of the customer to verify the correctness of the data provided, in particular

Email address
Portable Phone Number (Country Prefix + Number)

No complaint will be accepted, nor any refund will be provided if the customer does not receive the communications due to error in the data provided by the customer himself.

The dimensions of the «middle» cabinets are width 50 cm, height 60 cm, depth 50 cm
The dimensions of the «large» cabinets are width 50 cm, height 60 cm, depth cm 85 con charge

The translation of this page in languages other than Italian is made just for the convenience of the Customer. In case of controversial interpretation, only Italian text is valid.

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Per tutte le domande, scrivi a   bagagli.sss@gmail.com.


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