Luggage Storage in Venice


80 meters from the Rialto Bridge

Address : Calle del Gambaro 527a, 30125 Venezia (VE), Italia
Working time :5:30 - 23:00
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Luggage Storage in Venice

Automatic luggage storage lockers in Venice


Calle dell Gambaro, 527a

Opening times:

5.30 – 23.00


We are located in the very heart of the city right next to the Grand Canal, the Realto Bridge and the Venetian River: — Rialto Bridge (1min walk) — Church of San Giacomo di Rialto (1min walk) — St. Mark’s Square (10min walk)

Find the booking form on this page

  • Choose the duration of the reservation
  • Select the size and number of lockers to store
  • Select a reservation start date
  • Select the start time of the reservation
  • Click Book Now
  • Enter your name, email and phone number correctly to save the pin code
  • Invent and enter a combination of 4 digits in the pin code field
  • Pay for your reservation
  • Check receipt of pin-code and cell number on email
  • If possible, take a screenshot of the reservation results screen
  • ATTENTION: Contact us immediately if you have not received an email with data from us!
  • Arriving at the place, click on the console screen WEB BOOKING
  • Enter locker number and pin code from email on the console screen
  • Put luggage in and don't forget to close the door
  • To get things, click on the console screen COLLECT STUFF
  • Enter the cell number and pin code from email then follow the instructions
  • Take your luggage and don't forget to close the door
  • Leave feedback about our service here or here

 Hotline Phone :

+39 333 15 14 367

MEDIA XL50cm-60cm-50cm (2 Cabin Suitcases)
GRANDE XXL50cm-60cm-85cm (4 Cabin Suitcases)
Booking periodPrice MEDIA XLPrice GRANDE XXL
1 hour1.48€2.48€
2 hours3.48€5.48€
3 hours5.48€7.48€
4 hours7.48€10.48€
5 hours9.48€13.48€
1 day13.48€18.48€
2 days15.52€27.48€
3 days17.48€29.48€
4 days20.48€35.48€
5 days23.48€41.48€
up to 10 days40.48€65.48€
up to 20 days65.48€105.48€
up to 30 days89.48€145.48€
up to 40 days116.48€178.48€
up to 50 days140.48€225.48€
up to 60 days160.48€265.48€

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