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Securedand insured
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Securedand insured
24/7 CCTVmonitoring
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What they say about us


Francesco Gattel

Nice and easy to use. Google Maps pin was inaccurate on email but we found it and then we had infromation in my junk email on how to access lockers. Good value.

David José Sánchez

Depósito de maletas muy conveniente, situado al lado del puente de Rialto. Vigilado. Más barato que los de los alrededores. El propietario es majísimo y resolvió todas nuestras dudas.
Good Good

Александр Никитин

Great luggage storage. Everything is very clear in different languages, including Russian.

_FLAIM_ channel

Very comfortably. Found quickly. Immediately after the Ponte Rialto. I recommend it to everyone who has luggage with them. The son even charged the phone while walking. I liked it very much !!!

Maciej Szymczyk

Very easy use. Clean and close to the station. Quite cheap too. Suitable for 2 cabine suitcases and 2 backpacks.

Aleksandra Lakić

It works very smoothly.
You can only use cards, not cash.
They provide you with WiFi password on the bill, but it didn’t work on 20th May 2019.
You have 2 sizes of the locker, my bill is for bigger one. I have put small bag and cabin site suitcase, but there was space for 2 of each. I took bigger just in case.

Sergio Inestal Hernández

It is one of the few slogan sites in Bologna. I found it quite expensive but I had to leave my suitcase somewhere. I liked that each box office had cables of different models to charge phones, tablets, etc. Very nice detail

Arianna cerone

Very easy to use; place near the Bologna railway station, convenient and fast. At the withdrawal it was not possible to open a door after several failed attempts we called for assistance: in less than a minute it solved the problem!

Palma Rita Filannino

Very comfortable, maybe a little expensive. A proposal: make you pay at hourly fractions … Rigidity makes you earn more but makes you lose a target of customers.

Jan Klaas

Pricing is slightly lower when compared with the central station one. Service is very convenient, just choose a locker, pay for it using card/Apple Pay and lock it using your chosen code. The locker code gets emailed to the email entered before purchasing. One big advantage of this service is not requiring a copy of your passport. Taking a copy of your passport is something the people over at the central station will ask (this is illegal).